Research and Development Institute
of Pibulsongkram Rajabhat University

Works and Services

          The Research and Development Institute has administered the research work and innovation, developed research collaboration network, developed researcher skills, supported and allocated funding from external resources every year
          The division of Research Management supports research services to all faculty members and students of Pibulsongkram Rajabhat University. The following research services are;
          - Research funding opportunities from both internal and external agencies.
          - Human and Animal research ethics to enhance the university research standard in accordance with the universal standard.
          - Research finding and academic article dissemination through 2 academic journals which are
               1. Life Sciences and Environment Journal
               2. Humanities and Social Sciences Journal of Pibulsongkram Rajabhat University

          The Academic Service Support is an agency that supports and coordinates with personnel within the university and network partners outside the university to enhance academic service, social service research and university engagement. It aims to contribute participation in the operation of academic services of the university from the process of upstream, midstream and downstream. With supporting the development and transferring of knowledge, innovation and technology that can be disseminated to the community and local target groups, which affects the strengthening and sustainable development of the local community.
          The Division of Academic Service Support coordinates academic activities within the university and with the external parties to drive academic services and collaborative network leading to the participation in problem finding, academic service planning and field operating. This division fully supports the knowledge dissemination and implementation to local community and society.

          The Research and Development Institute has determined to promote and develop the capability competency on intellectual property management. The Unit of Patents and Intellectual Properties provides a protection of invention patents, product design patents, petty patents and copyrights by experienced patent agents for all faculty members and students as well as a utilization and transfer to industry, community and society.
          The Research and Development Institute has focused on high quality services using the digital technology to enhance the efficacy and work management; therefore, 24 hour-online services has been developed in response to a new normal work.
          The unit of Information Database provides research and academic service information in various topics including funding agencies, academic conferences, essential activities for strengthening researcher skills.
          In addition, management information system involving advanced research and innovation online database for the administrators, lecturers and researchers has also been improved.