2nd Call for Abstracts


Phitsanulok, Thailand
June 20—21, 2019


          For the Asian Pacific Islander Social Work Educators Association (APISWEA) Conference, we seek abstracts for oral paper and poster presentations, in English, around the theme, “Sustainability and Social Development”. Content can be theoretical, policy-focused, evidence-based, or case analysis. Abstracts will be reviewed by peer. The link below is the Call for Abstract. Last year’s conference we have 100% acceptance rate in order to build an international group to visit Vietnam and assisted in building their Social Work knowledge base. Hope you will be able to attend the conference and spread this opportunity to your friends or colleagues. http://research.psru.ac.th/APISWEA2019/
Deadline is: May 1, 2019


  Prof. Dr. Paul Duong Tran

Department of Social Work
College of Nursing, Health and Human Services
749 Chestnut Street, room 403
Indiana State University
Terre Haute, Indiana
E: paul.duongtran@indstate.edu
P: (812) 237-3428

University of Washington
School of Social Work
Ph.D., Social Welfare (December 1992)
M.S.W., Social Work (March 1993)

Portland State University, Oregon
M.S., Psychology (December 1989)
B.S., Psychology (1985)
B.A., Political Science (1984)

          1. Human capital development
          2. Environmental Sustainability
          3. Ethical considerations in research and practice
          4. Economic Sustainability
          5. Health and social issues including environment
          6. Culturally-competent social work practice
          7. Social Sustainability

          You are invited to submit abstracts for presentations of one of two types:
          Type I : An individual or small group presentation grouped in parallel sessions with comparable papers. If applying for an oral paper presentation please submit an abstract of 250 words or less.
          Type II : An individual or small group presentation placed on a portable wall accompanied by the author(s). If applying for a poster presentation please submit an abstract of 250 words or less.

          Your abstract should contain generally the following components in less than 250 words:
              • Background and purpose: problem statement, study objectives, research question(s) or hypotheses,
              • Methods or Premise: study design or theoretical paradigms, approaches to analysis
              • Results/Findings: empirical results, descriptive or analytical outcomes
              • Conclusions: study outcome(s), implications for practice, policy, research.

          Please note that authors may submit a maximum of two abstracts with one abstract as the main author.

Abstract 1st Call/Invitation: January 2, 2019 to February 15, 2019
Abstract 2nd Call/Invitation: February 15 to March 15, 2019
Abstract 3rd Call/Invitation: extended to May 1, 2019
Peer Review: January 15, 2019 to May 1, 2019
Decision and Invitation: On rolling basis

  Thai or ASEAN Nationality Non-ASEAN Nationality
Non-Student Participant/Presenter USD200 USD250
Student Presenter USD100 USD100
Non-Presenter USD100 USD100

          • For Thai or ASEAN nationals, please complete payment to:
                Bank transfer to Bangkok Bank Account Name Pibulsongkram Rajabhat University Branch : Pibulsongkram Rajabhat University Account No : 660-0-00622-2 Switf Code : BKKBTHBK
          • For non-ASEAN nationals, please send your cheque to:
                Professor Dr. Evaon Wong-Kim, Interim Assoicate Dean
                Rongxiong Xu College of Health and Human Services
                California State University, Los Angeles
                5151 State University Drive
                Los Angeles, CA 90032

1) Abstract Submission: Send your abstract in Word format, in English, using ONLINE SUBMISSION on website. Contact Student Assistant Hannah Nguyen (helen.nguyen298@gmail.com), SUNY Oswego if you have questions.
2) Questions about Conference: Professor Dr. Paul DuongTran, Co-Chair, pduongtran@csudh.edu
3) Questions about conference payment (outside of ASEAN countries): Professor Dr. Evaon Wong-Kimg, Co-Chair, (ewongkim@calstatela.edu)
4) Questions about Thailand and conference payment (ASEAN countries): Dr. Chitsirin Lailak. Co-Chair, chitsirin@psru.ac.th

       All information related to the Conference and Thailand travel including history, social work development, visa-entry requirements, lodging, tour services, airline and ground transportation, local customs, Pibulsongkram Rajabhat University, university affiliations of co-chairs is available at http://research.psru.ac.th/APISWEA2019/


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